Fall River Thanks Nearby Cities

Fall River Thanks Nearby Cities

The Board of Aldermen of Fall River, Mass., passed a resolution of thanks for aid rendered at the big fire which swept six blocks near the centre of the city. Copies of the resolution were sent to the following municipalities which sent apparatus: Boston, Providence, New Bedford, Taunton, Newport, Brockton, Bristol, Warren, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Assonet, Swansea, Dighton, Dartmouth, Mansfield, Glen Farms, Somerset, Lakewood, Westport, Woonsocket, and the Newport Naval Training Station. The city will pay $2000 for the protection furnished by the state militia.

State Fire Marshal George C. Neal has made public the following report of Chief Inspector Timothy C. Murphy who investigated the cause of fire:

“An inquest was held by me at Police Headquarters, Fall River, on Tuesday, into the cause and circumstances of the fire of Feb. 2, which originated in a building formerly occupied by the Pocasset Manufacturing Company and attained the proportions of a conflagration which destroyed or badly damaged approximately 35 buildings.

“In consideration of the evidence received at the inquest I find that the fire originated in engine room No. 2, adjoining the westerly end of Mill No. 2 of the Pocasset Manufacturing Company. I find further that a steel drum of the standard 55-gallon capacity had been placed upon the wooden floor of the said engine room and had been used to contain a fire.

“This fire was originally maintained elsewhere to heat the air in the vicinity of acetylene gas apparatus used in cutting operations, but for at least a week prior to the conflagration had been placed in engine room No. 2 and used by workmen for the purpose of warmth.

“The fire was communicated from the drum to its surroundings shortly before 6:15 p. m. on Feb. 2. The second and general alarm was sounded at 6:34 p. m. closely following a first alarm from Box 1252 at 6:27 p. m.”

Four Fall River firemen were injured, one seriously, when a piece of motor apparatus broke its steering gear and overturned while answering an alarm in the northern section of the city on the morning after the big fire.

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