False Alarms Sharply Up in Michigan

False Alarms Sharply Up in Michigan

Members of the fire service and others charged with fire protection throughout the State of Michigan are worried by a recent sharp increase in the number of false alarms of fire.

Regarded as one aspect of the juvenile delinquency prdblem, the increase is disturbing because of its effect in tying up fire apparatus and needlessly depreciating equipment at a critical time when repairs or new equipment are difficult to obtain.

According to Arnold Renner, head of the State Police Fire Division, and State Fire Marshal, alarms mounted approximately 2,500 from 1943 to 1944, j bringing the total to 6,381 for last year and it appears that the upward trend is being maintained in 1945.

Doubtless the false alarms turned in over the V-J Day celebration period will further maintain the rate of increase for the present year.

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