Farmers Blow up a Dam.

Farmers Blow up a Dam.

In order to protect their work the contractors on the Tona wanda swamp drainage improvement, built a large dam across Oak Orchard Creek, at Medina, N. Y., and diverted the stream through a narrow artificial channel for quite a distance. The heavy rains of the past two weeks have flooded the swamp and every stream has backed up all along the course of the creek. The farmers laid it to the dam and demanded that the contractors remove it. This could not be done without great loss, but the contractors promised to do something to help matters.

Next day twenty-five or thirty prominent farmers went in a body to the dam, and in spite of the protests form the superintendent, proceeded to destroy the false work of the contractors. About fifty sticks of dynamite were placed under the dam, and at a signal the button was pressed and the dynamite did the rest. Some of the crowd narrowly escaped injury from the flying timbers and masonry.

The immense volume of water suddenly released rushed with terrific force into the old channel, carrying everything before it. Their work completed, the farmers quickly dispersed.

Great damage was done to the State works.

George J. Brackner, foreman of Engine Company No. A, of Jersey City fire department, was dismissed by the Fire Board Wednesday night. Charges of neglect of duty in failing to respond to alarms were filed against him, but he refused to put in a defense.

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