Fatal Fire Crash

Fatal Fire Crash

Five firemen were injured, one fatally, in the crash of Ladder 3 of the Kansas City (Mo.) Fire Department and a street car. Fireman William Oliver, who was pinned for ten minutes between car and ladder, died in a hospital of multiple fractures and internal injuries.

Also injured in the collision were Capt. Lester Williams, Tillerman Ralph French, Driver Angello Charnella, Fireman Charles Allen and street car operator William Wilson.

The 75-foot aerial ladder was traveling slowly, bound for the Masonic Building to remove an occupant, unintentially locked in the structure, from a second-floor window when, at the corner of Tenth and Harrison streets, the street car, traveling about twenty miles per hour, crashed into it, despite the effort of the tillerman to throw the rear of the ladder around. The front of the car was smashed in and the apparatus damaged beyond repair, according to Francis Wornall, city fire director.

Charges were brought against the car operator. It was disclosed that the apparatus was traveling, with bell and siren operating.

Two days after this accident, No. 8 pumper and one of the city’s new aerial ladders came together at the intersection of 15th and Troost avenue, damaging the new ladder. All Firemen escaped serious injury, however. (Thanks, Chief Bill Gardner and John H. Waas.)

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