FDIC 2008 Call for Presentations

Classroom Session (1.45 Minutes/Single Speaker ONLY)
H.O.T. Evolution (Outside) 4-hours
H.O.T. Evolution (Outside) 8-hours
H.O.T. Evolution (Outside) 16-hours
Workshop (inside/Co-Speakers OK) 8-hours
Workshop (inside/Co-Speakers OK) 16-hours

Presenter’s Name:
Co-Presenter: (WORKSHOPS ONLY):
Home Mailing Address:
City: State:
Country: Zip:
Home Phone: Business:
Fax: Cell:
If recommended to submit this presentation, who recommended you?
Have you presented at an FDIC Conference within the past five years? Yes No
Have you ever given this presentation at another venue? If so, where?

1. Classroom Presentation Title:
2. Abstract of your presentation (should begin with a 50-word summary):

3. Your target audience and the presentation’s relevance to that audience, including a description of the presented materials’ applications.

4. List the presentation’s learning objectives:

5. Description of audiovisual supporting material used in the presentation:

6. Resume, including public speaking and experience as a fire service trainer. Also a 35-word biography written in the third person:

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