FDIC 2014 Preview: Branding Your Fire Department

Contra Costa (CA) County Fire Battalion Chief Bob Atlas and Judon Cherry of firealumni.com will discuss the role of new media in fire department “branding” at FDIC 2014.

The fire service is constantly changing its recruitment and hiring process. The ability to target the best firefighter candidates depends on effective communication. The process can be frustrating and costly to the organization. The department’s success is dependent on how well it is able to strategically use the information, tactics, and tools available. This presentation will answer questions about combining grassroots analytics with technological tools, specifically social analytic tools and Web search engine tactics. Students will walk away with the strategies and tactics to recruit future candidates while advertising their department’s message. The result will be a quality organization staffed with quality members.

BOB ATLAS, a 17-year veteran of the fire service, is a battalion chief with Contra Costa (CA) Fire and co-founder of Fire Alumni. He has a BS in engineering and an AS in fire science and is a certified fire officer and fire instructor. He has written applications for and manages $20 million in grants.


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