FDIC 2014 Preview: The Search Toolbox

Toledo (OH) Assistant Chief (Ret.)  and Fire Engineering Technical Editor John “Skip” Coleman will present “How Many Tools Are in Your ‘Search Toolbox’? at FDIC 2014.

All fireground evolutions are like tools in a toolbox. Hopefully, you have a variety of tools and are expert in using each one in your toolbox, including search. There are different types of search; some are great in certain situations and absolutely ineffective in others. This presentation looks at four types of search and provides cues as to when each should or should not be pulled from the toolbox.

JOHN F. COLEMAN retired as assistant chief from the Toledo (OH) Fire Department in January 2008, after 32 years of service. He is a technical editor and columnist for Fire Engineering and a member of the FDIC Educational Advisory Committee. He was the FDIC 2011 recipient of the Fire Engineering Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award. 


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