FDIC Coverage: NFA Superintendent Onieal Addresses NFAAA Members

Indianapolis, IN – “We are holding our own. Classes are not being cut, stipends are not being cut,” Dr. Denis Onieal, superintendent of the National Fire Academy, told attendees at the April 28, 2004 National Fire Academy (NFA) Alumni Association (NFAAA) annual meeting held at FDIC 2004. Speaking about the future of the NFA, Onieal said the NFA would continue to educate members of the fire service on campus and throughout the country in partnership with state training organizations.

In just eight years since it began, the NFAAA now has more than 12,000 members. Chairman Ron Kanterman reiterated that NFAAA’s objective is to watch over and protect the interests of the NFA.

Kanterman reported on his participation in the first Line of Duty Death Summit, hosted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Executive Director Ron Siarnicki. The NFAAA is very supportive of this initiative and will be bringing its members additional information and action items in the coming months.

He also reported the following:

  • The $33 million campus expansion is on the agenda of the Congressional Fire Services Institute’s (CFSI) dinner next week, for which the board of directors has purchased a table. He emphasized the need for all members to put pressure on Congress to restore the funding, urging them to write, e-mail, or call. It’s essential that members participate in these types of events.
  • Two directors had participated in an NFA planning meeting for a national credentialing system, similar to the red card wildland program, for national emergencies (e.g., 9-11) and broadlined mutual aid.
  • One scholarship, funded by Delmar Publishing, was issued for a first-time NFA attendee this year. Members were urged to remember that scholarship funds are available and to inform others in their home regions. Forms and information are available on the NFAAA Web site at www.nfaalumni.org.

In recognition of his contributions in managing and tireless dedication to the NFAAA, Kanterman was presented with a $500 Hyatt gift certificate.

Representatives from Delmar Publishing, which supports the Alumni financially through a $1-per-book donation on sales of the Firefighters Handbook, presented a check for $8,300, representing proceeds from sales of the book. NFAAA members networked with old friends and made new friends.

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