FDIC Int’l POSTSCRIPT: CMC Introduces the CMC LEVR Descender


CMC, the California-based rescue and work-at-height company dedicated to helping save lives and keeping people safe, introduced its all-new CMC LEVR System at FDIC International 2018.

The CMC LEVR is an intuitive bailout system that features improved performance, new functionality, and a compact size that conveniently and unobtrusively stows in a user’s turnout gear. The new CMC LEVR descender is named for its ergonomic shape and intuitive operability. It offers easy payout, reliable edge transition, and simple descent control. The system’s compact size accelerates deployment, reduces risk of entanglement when in use, and minimizes interference with other firefighting duties when not in use.

Fire Engineering Associate Editor Derek Rosenfeld visited the CMC booth on the floor of the Indianapolis Convention Center and met with CMC Director of Engineering Tyler Mayer, who showed us the advantages of the company’s latest innovation.


The LEVR System is comprised of the LEVR descender, the FlashLite Hook, CMC Fire Escape Web (11mm), and an escape bag, which comes pre-rigged and is available in two package options: the cargo pocket/ waist belt bag – with either a 40’ or 50’ web – or a customizable package for fire departments with unique and specific packaging requirements such as fitting an existing pocket.

Simple descent control is made possible by the LEVR’s unibody actuation, ergonomic shape, and knurled handle – which offers a sturdy, confidence-inspiring grip even when wet. In the event of a dynamic drop, impact force mitigation limits the maximum force exerted on the system reducing the chance of overload. This both protects the anchor and limits impact forces on the firefighter.

“Most existing bailout systems regularly get caught on ledges and sills, which require us to take certain precautions, such as pre-measuring rope around the window sill, that delay our descent from the burning building,” stated Kelly Byrne, Washington DC Firefighter and CMC School Instructor. “The LEVR isn’t like most other systems, though. It’s compact and sleek shape prevents these typical hang-ups and eliminates the need to pre-measure rope during the bailout. It allows us to get from the building to the ground-level easier, safer, more-efficiently than ever before – it’s as simple as that.”

The patented FlashLite Hook escape anchor is the lightest escape use-certified model available, and delivers outstanding strength with minimal weight, while the Escape Web features 100% Technora® fiber for superior strength and durability when exposed to heat and flame. 

For more information on the CMC LEVR Descender, visit www.cmcpro.com


About CMC

For 40 years, CMC has been developing innovative tools, education and training used by professionals in the fire service, USAR, wilderness rescue, rigging, tactical and work-at-height industries. Today, the CMC brand is synonymous with technical rescue and rope access expertise around the world. As cofounders of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), and the International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS), CMC remains committed to innovating across all work-at-height industries. An employee-owned company, CMC is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility. For more information, visit www.cmcpro.com.

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