FDIC Int’l POSTSCRIPT: HURST Jaws of Life Live Demos Its New Rescue Tools


At FDIC International 2018, HURST Jaws of Life continued to display their powerful line of extrication tools and cutters at their impressive, heavily attended booth on the Indianapolis Convention Center floor with several live demonstations.

Here, Canon shows how the soon-to-be available S 799E2 offers responders increased attack angle options on a vehicle’s B-post, here exemplfied attack angles on a vehicle; in this case, a 2017 Ford Police Interceptor:


Prior to Canon’s demonstration, the HURST Jaws of Life extrication specialists showed FDIC International attendees how and where to cut and spread on the high-strength steel of the Ford Police Interceptor using the eDRAULIC S 700E2 Cutter, the S 799E2 Cutter, the SP 555E2 Spreader, and the R 421E2 Ramrescue tools:


First responders who seek the power and portability of battery-powered eDRAULIC® line (or those gaining power from generators) can use the S 788E2 and S 788 cutters as the solution. The new cutters can cut through current vehicle construction and are ready for tomorrow’s high strength steel. With a wide cutter opening at 7.87 inches, its unique blade geometry has a 6.02-inch blade reach. The S 788E2/S 788 also has 67 percent more cutting performance in the relevant work area so first responders can get to their patients faster.

With first responder safety and comfort in mind, the S 788E2 (pictured) and S 788 are ergonomically designed with a star-grip that permits tool actuation from almost any gripping position. Dead man control valves will revert the tool to a neutral position if a worker’s hands slip from the control. Each tool comes with two batteries and one charger.

HURST Jaws of Life’s line of battery-powered rescue tools require no hoses and no power unit. And, because these tools are stronger, smaller, and lighter, they’re quicker than ever to the rescue. 

Learn more at https://www.jawsoflife.com


About HURST Jaws of Life

HURST is the only manufacturer of the Jaws of Life® brand. There is no equal to saving lives. The company’s commitment to research and development and dedication to quality engineering and manufacturing, has resulted in a line of innovative products known for outstanding safety,

durability and performance. HURST Jaws of Life, Inc., is a unit of IDEX Corporation, an applied solutions company. For more information about HURST Jaws of Life, please visit www.jawsoflife.com. Stop by FDIC International 2018 Booth #2322 for a look at the new tools.

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