FDIC Plans 1971 Program

FDIC Plans 1971 Program

Metro fire departments, bomb alerts and Rapid Water were among the 60 subjects selected at the program planning meeting for the 1971 Fire Department Instructors Conference. The meeting, which was held in Chicago last December 2, brought some 70 officials from all walks of the fire service to the Midland Hotel.

The meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. by Kenneth L. Stanton, chairman of the FDIC, who explained the new mechanics of the planning committee meeting, a considerable departure from the previous year. In the new procedure, members were assembled into six study groups of about 10 men each, with one designated as leader. Each group had as a subject one of the following: fire prevention, fire protection, fire fighting, administration, departmental training, and college and state training. Then from among the hundreds of suggestions submitted over the past year, the groups submitted 10 suggestions each—on a priority basis of 1 to 10.

All suggestions were then placed on master charts from which the final selections were made. They are not available at the time of this writing, but will appear in the February issue of Fire Engineering.

Hard at work, a table of FDIC planning committee members considers suggestions for the program. At the podium are K. G. Hulme, FDIC co-chairman, left, and Kenneth L. Stanton, chairman.FDIC chairman, Kenneth L. Stanton, addresses planning session. At left is Emmett T. Cox, former FDIC chairman

man— Henry A. Ritergod photos.

FDIC planners included Jim Casey, editor of Fire Engineering, and Chief Fire Marshal Curtis W. Volkamer of Chicago.

As in the last six years, we had the pleasure and honor of being a member of this FDIC program planning committee, and we feel that the group came up with an outstanding program, as it has for the last 42 years.

So for those of you who are contemplating attendance at the 43rd Annual Fire Department Instructors Conference in Kansas City March 30-April 2, we suggest you don’t delay in making your decision and reservations.

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