FDIC Prepares Program To Offer a Lot for Everyone

FDIC Prepares Program To Offer a Lot for Everyone

The program for the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Kansas City, Mo., March 24-27, is designed to offer not just something for everyone but a lot for everyone. Subjects range from pre-fire planning to providing water, teaching rescue procedures, utilizing manpower and training for aircraft fire fighting and rescue.

The FDIC chairman, Kenneth L. Stanton, noted in announcing the tentative program that some last minute changes may have to be made, but it is felt that the final program will be substantially the same. Stanton, who is head of the Fire Prevention Department of the Western Actuarial Bureau of Chicago, the organization that sponsors the FDIC, also announced that there will be eight workshops Tuesday afternoon, the first day of the conference. The workshops will be devoted to industrial fire protection, administration, fire prevention, government and military fire protection, training, rural and small municipality fire problems, campus fire protection and legal problems of the fire service.

The use of Light Water will be discussed by Fire Chief John McIntyre of the U. S. Army Ordnance Depot, Savanna, Ill., and there will be talks on school and hospital fire safety programs. Handling fires and explosions that result from train wrecks will be discussed by Terry Hayes, director of the Shreveport, La., Fire Prevention Bureau.


Second Deputy Chief James B. Neville of Chicago will describe the handling of emergencies that are beyond the reach of conventional equipment, and O. B. Streeper of the McLean County Rescue Squad, Normal, Ill., will talk about teaching rescue procedures. In a Thursday evening session, Dr. Thomas K. Burnap of Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas, will discuss cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

Getting water to the pumper is the subject to be handled by A. Morrison Ennis, former chief of the Mortlake Fire Department in Brooklyn, Conn., and Chief A. J. Hulett of Elk Grove Village, Ill., will present a new concept in pre-fire planning. Chief Warrant Officer Louis F. Garland of the Fire Protection School at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois will talk about training for aircraft fire fighting and rescue.

And that’s only part of the program.

Again, the FDIC leaders have warned that all correspondence about room reservations in Kansas City should be sent to the FDIC Hotel Reservation Desk, 1212 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo. 64105.

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