FDIC Program Features Fire Service Speakers

FDIC Program Features Fire Service Speakers


This year, more than ever, the Fire Department Instructors Conference will offer a program presented by members of the fire service. When the FDIC convenes in Memphis March 22-25, fire officers and instructors will dominate the program.

Speakers for the general sessions have been selected, Marvin L. Austin of ISO Illinois, FDIC chairman, has announced, and he disclosed that their topics will range from developments in training to fire protection challenges and lessons learned from large fires.

How a small fire department raised the level of breathing apparatus training to develop “smoke divers” among its members will be told by Training Officer William Anderson of the Greensburg, Pa., Fire Department. He will tell how available facilities can be used for sophisticated training of fire fighters to work more effectively in smoke.

Better ways of handling vehicular fires will be discussed by Bill Westoff, Jr., chief of the Boone County, Mo., Fire Protection District and coordinator of the fire training program at the University of Missouri.

Audio-visual equipment

The use of fire simulators and other audio-visual equipment in fire service training will be described by Division Chief Frank Kelly of the Huntington Beach, Calif., Fire Department, and a multiple projector slide presentation of a fire prevention message will be presented by Donald Davis, David Hilton and Paul Bailey of the Warren Park, Ind., Fire Department.

Two large fires, one in an aerosol can factory and the other in a nursing home will be discussed. Chief Roger Kindy and Training Officer Omar Wilson of the Elkhart, Ind., Fire Department will tell how their department fought a destructive blaze at the aerosol can factory. James Lathrop of the National Fire Protection Association will review the nursing home fire in Osceola, Mo.

Fire protection problems of a resort community will be the subject of a talk by Deputy Chief William Sullivan of Hampton, N. H., which has an extensive area of wood frame hotels, recreation halls, stores and dwellings that are as close together as the people on the beach they overlook on a summer weekend. Another look at structural problems will be presented by Francis L. Brannigan, who will show how modern architectural design is creating built-in disasters.

David M. McCormack, superintendent of the National Fire Academy, will report on the status of the federal assistance program for the fire service, and John W. Hoglund, director of the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute at the University of Maryland, will talk about the implementation of fire service professional qualification standards.

Two speakers who will take a look at the future of the fire service are Assistant Chief Carl Holmes of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and James W. Morgan, vice chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council.

Assistant Chief Dean E. Fuller of the Tempe, Ariz., Fire Department will talk about the use of management by objectives technique in the fire service, and Dick Sylvia, associate editor of Fire Engineering, will tell how readily available local facilities can be adapted to fire training.

Pesticide hazards

Dan J. Carpenter, Mecklenburg County, N. C., fire administrator and chief fire marshal, will discuss the national effort to combat arson, and William Currie, training officer for the U. S. Environmental Protection Administration, will describe the EPA training program on the hazards of pesticides.

This year, the FDIC will have two keynoters, Claude Armour, Murfreesboro, Tenn., safety commissioner, who retired from the same position in Memphis, and James F. Casey, editor of Fire Engineering, who will stress the importance of training. Another speaker, A. E. Anthony, retired state fire marshal of South Dakota, will show how those who have retired can remain useful.

The FDIC is sponsored by the Insurance Services Office and it is hosted by the Memphis Fire Department, headed by Director of Fire Services Robert W. Walker and Chief Larry Williams.

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