FDIC Topics Reviewed By Planning Committee

FDIC Topics Reviewed By Planning Committee

Group report on departmental training subjects recommended for FDIC program is made by Chief John DeJong of the Bancroft Fire Protection District, Lakewood, Colo. At far left is John W. Hoglund, director, Fire Extension Service, University of Maryland, and, center, Henry Smith, chief. Firemen's Training, Texas A. & M. University. Below, Kenneth L. Stanton, FDIC chairman, listens to R.E. May, Illinois state fire marshal, report on subjects selected by fire prevention group at planning committee meeting.

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Plans for the 44th annual Fire Department Instructors Conference to be held in Kansas City, Mo., March 14-17 are rapidly nearing completion. One decision already made is that the increasingly popular workshop program scheduled, as usual, for Wednesday afternoon, will be repeated Thursday afternoon so that everyone can attend two full workshop sessions.

Another innovation will be a training workshop for metropolitan fire departments. Previously, there was one training workshop for all paid departments, but this year there will be both the metropolitan workshop and a workshop for paid departments in cities of less than 250,000 population. There also will be a training workshop for volunteer fire departments and one for college fire science instructors. The other workshops on the two-afternoon program include industrial, administration, government and military, rural and small town, fire prevention, campus and legal.

Members of the program planning committee for the FDIC met in Chicago December 1 to evaluate the nearly 150 subjects suggested. After the meeting was called to order by Kenneth L. Stanton, FDIC chairman, six study groups were formed. Each group then concentrated on selecting and rating proposed topics and speakers in one of six fields of interest: fire fighting, fire prevention, fire protection, administration, departmental training, and college and state training. From the 10 subjects and speakers selected in each category, the final program will be developed.

One universally recommended subject was a report on progress made by the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, and Stanton announced that Richard E. Bland, chairman of the National Commission, already had agreed to address the FDIC.

The FDIC is sponsored by the Fire Prevention Department of the Western Actuarial Bureau and the conference hosts are the Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department and the Kansas City metropolitan area fire departments. There is no registration or other fee for the conference, but those planning to attend should write to R.M. Marchese, Insurance Services Office, Secretary, Fire Prevention Department, P.O. Box 1089, Chicago, Ill. 60690, for a brochure containing a registration blank and a hotel reservation form which has a list of hotels and room rates.

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