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Training Minutes: Getting Dressed Prior to Making Entry

In this new Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis and company discuss some considerations for firefighters getting dressed prior to making entry at a structure fire.


The “Fog” Part 2: Communications on the Fireground

The “fog” can be thickest when we first arrive to an event where actions of other companies are already taking place and we have to take command, writes Joseph Pronesti.


Sometimes You Work So Hard…

Michael Kreuger writes, “Perhaps the question might be: Do I want a personal record today, or do I still want to be training 10 years from now?”


Drills You Won’t Find in the Books: Kid Stuck in a Tree

Raul Angulo recounts how some outside-the-box thinking at an emergency helped Seattle firefighter accomplish a rescue–and kept a young patient safe.


Back-to-Basics Drilling for the Engine Company, Part 1

Engine work is critical for success on the fireground. In part one of this new series, Nick Papa reviews some of the initial considerations for the engine company and offers some simple company-level drills.


Humpday Hangout: Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bobby Halton is joined by Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss from Firefighter Functional Fitness and Jordon Ponder founder of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training.


The Four Foundations of Tactical Fitness: Tactical Strength

Strength is only one of the four foundations of tactical fitness, but it is the most vital aspect of fireground safety, writes Ty Wheeler.


Training Minutes: Breathing Techniques

In this Training Minutes video, Ric Jorge reviews three different techniques for helping firefighters control their breathing during stressful situations.


Construction Concerns: Temporary Heat—Air Quality

For his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at the various heating systems and enclosures resonders should note when on a call.


Meet the 2017 Courage and Valor Award Nominees

Following are the nominees for the 2017 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award, excluding the winner Firefighter James Lee Jr, Fire Department of New York.


Trusted Voices: Billy Goldfeder

In this new episode of Trusted Voices, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talks with Loveland-Symmes (OH) Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, head of The Secret List and and author of the FireRescue Magazine column “Nozzlehead.”


The Senior Man

So what exactly is the definition of a “senior man”? Anthony Rowett looks at this distinction and how the role can impact individual firefighters as well as the company and department as a whole.


Engine Company EMS: Responding to the Impaired Patient

Michael Morse writes, “Impaired consciousness is a legitimate medical emergency. Try not to become jaded. Cynicism breeds contempt, which leads to poor patient care.”


Humpday Hangout: Pushing Fire Prevention to the Front Lines

On today’s Humpday Hangout, Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath are joined by special guests Jack Murphy and Tim Ippolito, Lewisville Fire Marshal. Don’t miss this hangout as they discuss pushing fire prevention to the front lines.


Training Minutes: Lone-Firefighter Technique to Remove Down Member

In this Training Minutes video, Paulie Capo and company demonstrate a technique that can enable a single firefighter to remove a down colleague from a confined-space on the fireground.


Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters, Part 1

“We are facing a world where the buildings on fire will actually be able to talk to us!” writes Bart van Leeuwen.


Use of Simulation and Emerging Technologies in Firefighter Training

Ed Mills and Mark Golaszewski from FirstNet discuss the latest in firefighter simulation technology.


Does Brotherhood Really Exist?

What happened to the sense of “brotherhood” in the fire service? John D’Allesandro relates an episode that illustrates the special bond and commitment firefighters can establish.


Promotional Preparation: A “Day-in-the-Life” of a Battalion Chief

Loudoun County (VA) Department of Fire and Rescue Captain Daniel J. Neal imparts his experiences and lessons learned before and after taking his department’s promotional exam for the position of battlalion chief.


Plan on Retiring? Firefighters, Pensions, and Social Security

How we treat people defines our culture. Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton on how you can get involved in rectifying a situation that unfairly penalizes firefighters and other public servants with pensions.


Humpday Hangout: Examining Fires in Attached Garages

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Jason Hoevelmann and the panelists will tackle the age-old controversy about where to stretch the first attack hose line for a fire in an attached garage.


Training Minutes: Modifications to the Can

In this new Training Minutes video, Jimm Walsh and Erich Wheaton discuss some modifications to make the water can easier to use and more accessible.


Construction Concerns: Preincident Plans

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel discusses high-risk and low-frequency situaitions and writes, “We can reduce the urgency of these situations by training for them and by planning for events that are in locations known to be hazardous.”  


You Are Never Too Old To Learn

You are never too old to learn something new, that is for sure. Mike Dugan and Bobby Halton visit a building complex under construction and note some features that may be of concern to firefighters.


Mayday Monday: Radio Communications

Tony Carroll has a drill on effective fireground radio communications while you’re wearing your gloves.


Command Presence: What Is It, and How Do You Develop It?

The core components of developing a command presence are skills that any fire officer can master, writes Thomas N. Warren.


Training Minutes: 2 1/2-Inch Line Option

In this new Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis and company explore one option for staffing-constrained fire departments to get water on the fire quickly.




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