Federal Grant Saves Marion OH Firefighter Jobs

A federal safer grant will keep seven Marion firefighters who were scheduled to be laid off, reports nbc4i.com.

To get the grant, the city had to pledge to keep the firefighters on the job for the two-year duration of the grant. For a city that is cash-strapped that was a big investment, but one they were willing to find a way to get done.

“This is essentially just a Band-Aid. It is helpful and we’re not going to turn it away, but the city can’t talk layoffs for a few years or it goes away,” Capt. Wade Ralph with Marion Fire said.

The original grant was for the city to get new firefighters, but with the economic climate still up in the air, they asked for an amendment to just keep the current staffing at the current level of 48.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/WFLID4

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