Federated American Engineering Societies

Federated American Engineering Societies

The fact that, under the above title, an organization has sprung into healthy existence almost, one might say without exaggeration, overnight proves conclusively that its field was awaiting it. The water supply men of the country may well be interested in this federation, as both the American and the New England Water Works Associations are charter members of it.

The objects of the organization, as stated in its constitution, are “To further the public welfare wherever technical knowledge and engineering experience are involved and to consider and act upon matters of common concern to the engineering and allied technical professions.” It will deal with what are commonly known as welfare or nontechnical matters. It is not a social organization; it is not an organization of individual members. As its title indicates, it is a federation of societies with whose autonomy and activities it in no way interferes. The Federated American Engineering Societies will not in any sense be a competitor of any existing organization, and its success will depend upon the whole-hearted support given by the individual engineers and allied technologists of the country through the respective engineering and allied technical societies with which they are identified.

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