FEMA Calls for 2011 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards Submissions

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that the agency is currently accepting submissions for the 2011 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards

Formerly the National Citizen Corps Achievement Awards, the name was changed to reflect FEMA’s intent to recognize the innovative and outstanding achievements of all of the individuals, communities, and organizations working to ensure that the United States is better prepared and more resilient. 

The Awards showcase the work of the agency’s partners at the State, territorial, local and tribal levels. This includes nongovernmental organizations in the nonprofit, faith-based, and private sector communities, as well as diverse individuals, families, and communities. It is these partners who are FEMA’s most important assets and allies in the agency’s ability to respond to and recover from any major disaster. FEMA would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate all of last year’s winners and finalists, which are listed at

Submissions should emphasize achievements taking place between January 1, 2010, and June 1, 2011, and can feature examples of any outstanding achievements in individual and community preparedness worthy of recognition, regardless of category. While nominations do not need to be submitted for specific award categories, below are samples of award categories to consider when recommending award candidates and submitting applications:  
  • CERT in Action
  • Local Citizen Corps Council Programs (Citizen
    Corps only)
  • Creating a Culture of Preparedness
  • Creative Practices and Programs, including
    Innovative Website Development
  • Collaborative Preparedness Activities
  • National Preparedness Month Participation
  • Organizational Preparedness
  • Public Preparedness Initiatives and/or Programs
  • Resources: Doing More With Less
  • Rural Area Programs
  • Social Media Initiatives
  • State Citizen Corps Initiatives (Citizen Corps only)
  • Underrepresented Communities Programs
  • Volunteer Integration in Exercises, Response, and Recovery
  • Whole Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Youth Preparedness Programs

Winners will be announced in September 2011, during National Preparedness Month, and will be FEMA’s honored guests at a community preparedness roundtable event in Washington, D.C. 

One winner will be selected to attend the 2011 International Association of Emergency Managers Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada., and to participate on a FEMA community preparedness panel.

Please visit the following website to download instructions for submitting an application: 


Entries must be received by August 26, 11:59 p.m. EDT

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