FEMA: US&R Operations Group Chair Selection

July 22, 2011 – Bill Brown (IN-TF1) has been selected to serve in the role of Operations Group Chair.
Recruitment for the Operations Group Chair was conducted from June 15, 2011 through July 7, 2011. 

As stated in US&R PD 2011-009, this term of assignment will begin on August 1, 2011 and expire on July 31, 2014. 

Chief Brown’s selection was made after consultation with the US&R Strategic Group, and a review of each of the applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), as well as their experience in the FEMA National US&R Response System. Chief Brown will officially assume the duties of the Operations Group Chair on Monday, August 1, 2011.

The Operations Group Chair position is extremely important within the National US&R Response System and the responsibilities can be very time-consuming. Jeff Saunders (TX-TF1) graciously accepted the role of Interim Operations Group Chair and will serve in this capacity for over a year. His efforts have kept actions moving while the Operations Chair position was vacant. The efforts of those who were interested in filling this position and submitted applications is much appreciated.

Recruitment and selection for the position of Central Division Task Force Representative will begin immediately to fill the vacancy created by Chief Brown’s appointment.

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