FEMA/USFA Procedures for Decisions on Submitted Applications for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

FEMA/USFA procedures for decisions on the 19,584 submitted applications:

  • Announcements of award decisions will begin next week.
  • FEMA/USFA currently estimates that as many as 5,500 awards will be made.
  • FEMA/USFA also estimates that by the end of calendar year 2002 all 5,500 awards will be processed and announced.
  • Those departments that we will not be able to award grants to will be notified via electronic notices. Some departments will be notified in the coming weeks, others will be notified as the awards process continues. This does not mean that the application was “bad” or “incorrect” – it merely means that there will not be sufficient funds to support all grant requests.
  • Lists of grant awards will be posted regularly at www.usfa.fema.gov with postings up to twice each month.

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