Female Firefighters Weigh in on Physical Testing Debate

A recent news report examined several Iowa female firefighters’ thoughts about equality in physical testing for fire departments, an issue which came up recently the case of one New York City firefighter’s failure of a running test.

WHO TV talked to some pioneering members of the Des Moines and Urbandale Fire Departments (http://bit.ly/HR1k3E). Des Moines Fire Captain Linda Frangenberg, one of 14 women on the department, said that although the test she took was different from the one used today, it was the same one the men took.

Mary Davis, the first woman hired by the Des Moines Fire Department, has strong opinions about men and women taking the same physical agility test,  “because they don’t do a different job.”

Read additional comments from these firefighters and watch a video at http://bit.ly/HR1k3E.

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