FEMA’s New On-Line Course Helps Officials With Environmental And Historic Preservation Issues During Disaster Operations

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is unveiling an on-line, independent study course that will help local, state, tribal and federal officials to navigate environmental and historic preservation compliance regulations that affect FEMA’s disaster recovery programs.

“This course is one of the largest and most complex that we’ve ever put on our online Virtual Campus to date. It took some two years to convert from our paper-based curriculum,” said Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response. “It shows how serious we are about expanding training opportunities throughout the nation and far beyond our ‘bricks and mortar’ training facility in Maryland.”

Specialists at FEMA developed the online course, IS 253: Coordinating Environmental and Historical Preservation Compliance. The online course not only presents how compliance issues should be addressed but also emphasizes that environmental/historical preservation issues should be considered early in the recovery process in order for projects to be funded as quickly as possible.

The course takes a minimum of 10 hours to complete, and those who successfully complete it will receive a certificate. The course can be accessed at http://training.fema.gov/emiweb. From there, interested students should click on NETC Virtual Campus to enroll.

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