Film on Incendiary Bombs

Film on Incendiary Bombs

The first film authorized for training purposes by the Office of Civilian Defense, entitled “Fighting the Fire Bomb.” is now being distributed throughout the United States. It is accompanied by an instruction manual containing supplementary lectures, material for a quiz based on the film, and other instructional material. The film and manual constitute official training material approved by the Training Section of the Office of Civilian Defense.

The film was produced by Transfilm. Inc., of New York City, under the technical supervision of the Chemical Warfare Service and the National Fire Protection Association. The Instructor’s Manual was produced by Safety Research Institute, also of New York City.

The scenes of the film are laid in a home—anybody’s home—and they show the steps to be taken in preparing for attack by incendiary bombs, as well as the methods of disposing of the light magnesium bomb.

The film illustrates how a solid stream of water, applied to the bomb itself, causes a dangerously violent reaction, but how a water spray does not. Garden hose, pump tanks, soda-acid and foam types of extinguishers are shown as sources of obtaining the water spray— by using an adjustable nozzle with the garden hose, and by breaking the stream of the extinguishers with the thumb against the nozzle opening.

Methods of using dry sand on the bomb are also demonstrated, the sand being shoveled over the bomb, and the mass scooped up, dumped into a pail containing some sand, and carried off the premises.

Copies of the film are being made available to state and local defense councils by the Office of Civilian Defense. Prints of the film and copies of the Manual may be purchased from Transfilm, Inc., 9 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City.

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