Films and Slides

Films and Slides


PHARMACOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS IN EMERGENCY CARE, Stephen Margolis and Jonathan Wasserberger; Multi-Media Publishing, Inc., 1393 S. Inca St., Denver, Colo. 80223; 388 pages, $13.95.

The principles of pharmacology and therapeutics are introduced here, including absorption, distribution, drug metabolism, excretion/elimination, drug activity and tolerance and dependence. The various drugs available for use, special problems which may be encountered in use, what the drug box should contain and quality assurance are also covered.

H.K. PORTER TOOL DEMONSTRATION, H.K. Porter, Inc., 74 Foley St., Somerville, Mass. 02143; 35mm slides, color, 14 minutes.

Rescue tools and vehicle extrication methods from H.K. Porter are demonstrated in these slides, which come with a cassette soundtrack. The correct use of its tools, step-by-step, is shown along with safety notes.

EMERGENCY CARE SLIDE SET, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 444 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. 60611; 35mm slides, color, $350.

An EMS training aid, this slide set includes over 1800 slides featuring techniques in emergency medical care. Two sequences are

available, one which follows the Academy’s third edition “Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured,” the other is for use with the United States Department of Transportation EMT training course. The slides are meant to reinforce classroom instruction, and they cover the full range of EMS situations.

Film Communicators, 11136 Weddington, N. Hollywood, Cal. 91601, offers the following:

FIRE PREVENTION IN HEALTH CARE FACILITIES, 35mm slides, 12.5 minutes, purchase, $65.

Fire safety in health care facilities is the theme of a four-part slide series, of which this slide program is one unit. It specifies what staff should look for, what to be suspicious of, and how to prevent fires. Examples are given of fires started in oxygen-enriched atmospheres by telephones and call buttons, and the slides show how common laundry and trash chute fires are. Suggestions and guidelines for preventing fires are given.

STORY OF A HOSPITAL FIRE 16mm film, 27 minutes, rental, $85; purchase, $395.

Based on a hospital fire in Sweden, this film re-enacts the drama of a burning hospital. It shows how the wrong moves in an emergency can spell disaster, and should initiate hospital personnel as to the importance of having a well-trained staff and viable evacuation procedure.

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