At a conference held last week between Commissioner Ellison of the New York City department of water supply, gas and electricity, Chief Engineer De Varona of the department, Rudolph Hering, consulting engineer, Health Commissioner Darlington and W. B. Fuller, the filtration expert of the water department, plans were discussed for the purifying of the water supplied to the city. It was decided to urge the administration to construct a big filtration plant in connection with the Jerome Park reservoir. It had firsi been proposed to build filtration beds at tire entrance to the reservoir; but it is now determined that it will be more economical and more advantageous to carry out the old project of covering in the reservoir and making this coveiing the bed for the new filtering plant. Chief De Varona said that this scheme would save the city at least $5,000,000, as it would cost only about $12,000,000, as compared with the estimated cost of $17,000,000 for the beds at the entrance to the reservoir. A contract for the construction of two small experimental filter plants is to he let at once. Sand filtration will he adopted. The filters will he installed at the lower end of Jerome Park reservoir, and will be used for finding out the best process for caring for microbes and bacteria which the sand filter docs not wholly provide for. The cost will be about $12,000,000 —$5,000,000 less than was expected. G. E. Fulleconsuiting engineer, is in Europe studying the special features to be considered in connection with the proposed plans. The capacity of the two experimental filters will he 380.000,000 gals, tier day. No filter plant will he installed at Fish kill creek, as was originally intended, as the water might again he contaminated during its long flow to the city.


The People’s Water company, of Oakland, Cab, which is to consolidate with the Contra Costa Water company and the Syndicate Water company. has a capital stock of $20,000,000. The new company takes over the properties of the two other water companies on the Oakland side of the bay. The Syndicate Water company was incorporated last January, and immediately began a fight with the Contra Costa company for the possession of valuable water rights in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The fight was terminated by the agreement of the new company to buy out the old one.

The people of Menominee, Wis., seem by no means satisfied with the water supplied them by the local waterworks company, whose franchise will nut run out for some years vet.

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