Filtration Plant and Pumps

Filtration Plant and Pumps

The filtration works will consist of rapid gravity sand filters, a mixing chamber, coagulation basin and a dearwater well. The pumping from the dear-water basin will be done by electrically driven centrifugal pumps with gasoline-driven stand-by units.

The total estimated cost of the system as outlined is $350,000, of which $200,000 is for the distribution system. The cost of the work will be paid for in three ways, as follows:

  1. By a frontage tax for water mains, which amounts to 11 2/3c. per lineal foot frontage.
  2. A water rate charged to consumers.
  3. A general tax on the assessment of the area as defined. This tax will in time be eliminated as the number of consumers increases.

The system is being laid out with the idea of being extended to the east and to the north. The design contemplates a population of 4,000, with a daily consumption of 100 gal. per capita. Provision is being made at the pump-house for four standard streams for fire protection.

The engineers in charge of the design and construction are the E. A. James Co., Ltd., of Toronto. The township is represented by a commission of three men who have administrative charge.—Canadian Engineer.

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