Fire Alarm Group Meets in Boston

Fire Alarm Group Meets in Boston

A large attendance and interesting papers featured the two-day meeting of the New England Municipal Signal Association which was held in the Hotel Kenmore, Boston, Mass., on December 18 and 19.

Among the speakers were W. M. Runyon, sales engineer of the Crouse – Hinds Company, who discussed “Facts About Grounding to Cover Life and Lire Risks”; J. H. McMullen, of the Electro Acoustic Products Company, who spoke on “Sound Application m Conjunction with Fire Alarm and Police Signaling Systems”; and William J. McKenna, who explained “Advantages and Hazards Relating to Municipal Communications Organizations.”

A banquet was held, followed by a round table discussion. The topics considered were; The value of the fire alarm box grounding devices as an auxiliary to the normal metallic fire alarm box circuit as dependent on the effectiveness of the ground; What method can be used by the municipal fire alarm box inspector as an addition to his present routine to determine the effectiveness of the ground contact with the least possible equipment and in the shortest possible time?

At the second day’s session an address and demonstration were given by T. Cooper, Jr., engineer of transmission and protection, New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, on “Latest Achievements of the Bell Telephone Laboratories in Radio-telephone Developments.” He described the world wide radio-telephone network, radiotelephone service to ocean liners at sea, and marine radio-telephone service to harbor and coastwise shipping and to fishing trawlers. Lantern slides were shown and at the end of the talk Benjamin P. Bartlett, Shore Station Maintenance Engineer, demonstrated the shore to ship telephone service, establishing communication with the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter “Faunce” 100 miles at sea.

Fresident A. L. Pierce, of Wallingford, Conn., presided, assisted by Secretary Raymond J. White, of Brockton, Mass.

Announcement was made that the next meeting will be held in Providence, R. I., at the Biltmore Hotel on March 18 and 19 under direction of Alfred C. Ames, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Providence, R. I.

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