Fire Alarm Men Hold Meeting in Boston

Fire Alarm Men Hold Meeting in Boston

There was a good attendance at the December sessions of the Eastern Association of Superintendents of Fire and Police Telegraph which were held in Fire Alarm Headquarters in The Fenway, Boston, Mass., on December 12 and 13.

President Morey F. Orrell, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Worcester, Mass., directed the proceedings. Luncheons were held at the Hotel Hemenway.

P. C. Charnock, of the New England Insurance Exchange, spoke on “The Importance of the Fire Alarm System as a Factor in Municipal Protection.”

George B. Germond, sales engineer of the Gamewell Company, read a paper on “Compressed Air for Public Fire Alarms.”

Motion pictures of the Boston fire department in action were shown at the afternoon session on the first day and in the evening there was a round table discussion following a dinner at the hotel.

On the second day the program included discussion of the Regulations of the National Fire Protection Association for Fire Alarm Systems and a presentation by Harry Jones, of the New England Telephone and Telegraph Comapny, of motion pictures showing “The History of Telephone Development” and the latest machines for television. Messrs. Scott and Lytle, of the telephone company, gave short talks.

Announcement was made by Secretary George Bowen, of the Boston Automatic Fire Alarm Company, of the election to membership in the association of John E. Grady, supt. of fire and police telegraph. Worcester, Mass.; F. G. Anderson, supt. of fire alarms, Bridgeport, Conn.: and W. H. Merchant, inspector for the N. E. Insurance Exchange.

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