Fire Alarm Notes

Fire Alarm Notes

Siren Installed in Ashland, Va.—A Federal siren has been installed in Ashland, Va., at a cost of $450.

Test Siren at Lynbrook, N. Y.—Arrangements have been made by Chief Harry Peters of Lynbrook, N. Y., to test the new fire alarm whistle installed there.

Galva, I11., Places New Fire Alarm Signal—A tower has been erected in Galva, I11., for the installation of a new fire alarm whistle. The signal is being placed on the water works building.

New Siren Ordered for Fort Lee, N. J.—The Federal siren at Fort Lee, N. J., was wrecked when a bolt worked loose and damaged the rotor. A new siren of the latest type has been ordered to replace the damaged one.

Burlington, Vt., to Install Fire Alarm—An order has been placed with the Gamewell Company for the installation of a fire alarm system in the central fire station of Burlington, Vt., to cost $14,000.

Lodi, N. J. Signs Fire Alarm Order—A contract has been signed by the city officials of Lodi, N. J., for the installation of a fire alarm system within sixty days after the order was signed. At present the alarms are sent to the police headquarters who in turn relay them to a local factory that blows their whistle as a fire signal.

Fire Alarm Notes


Fire Alarm Notes

Fire Siren Installed at Margaretsville, N. Y.—A 5 h.p. electric siren has been installed at Margaretsville, N. Y.

New Siren Erected at Lowville, N. Y.—A fire siren, which the village board ordered some time ago, has been erected on the fire house in Lowville, N. Y.

Sycamore, I11., Installs New Alarm—Under the direction of Chief Burzow of Sycamore, I11., a new Gamewell fire alarm system will be installed.

New System for Decatur, I11.—A new system of transmitting alarms by telephone has been established in Decatur. 111. The operator at the fire station will receive the alarm direct.

Long Beach, N. Y., Orders Fire Alarm Boxes—An order has been placed by Long Beach, L. I., N. Y., for the installation of additional fire alarm boxes in the western section and in Eastholme.

New Transmitter Installed in Allentown, Pa.—A new four-dial manual transmitter has been installed in Allentown, Pa. It was supplied by the Gamewell Fire Alarm Company and replaces the inadequate master key in service for many years.

Labor Strike Delays Cleveland Fire Alarm—The strike of the painters and glaziers has delayed the completion of the new fire alarm system of Cleveland, Ohio. The new system has been installed at a cost of $90,000 and will replace a fire alarm system installed forty years ago.