Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet

Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet

Thirty-five members of the Eastern Association of Fire Alarm and Police Signal Superintendents met at fire headquarters, Bridgeport, Conn., on April 13-14, for the annual spring meeting of that organization. Many interesting subjects pertaining to fire alarm and police signal supervision were discussed during the two day’s meet. One of the interesting parts of the program was the address by Frank Gillooly, Sales Engineer, Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Company, on “Coding Signals.” This was followed by a demonstration of a fire horse power double beaded coding siren which bad temporarily been attached on the roof of Fire Headquarters.

Part of the first day’s program was taken up with a very interesting talk on “Charging of Storage Batteries,” by W. H. Beadle, operating engineer of The Electric Storage Battery Company, Boston, Mass. Mr. Beadle’s talk was followed by a round table discussion of fire alarm signal rules.

At f) o’clock the members sat down to a delightful dinner at the Stratfield Hotel.

‘‘Latest Developments in Traffic Control,” was the subject which T. C. Regan, traffic signal specialist, spoke on after the opening of the meeting on the closing day of the session. Much valuable information was contained in Mr. Regan’s address which was received with applause.

The meetings were presided over by President E. A. Sullivan, Superintendent of Fire Alarm and Police Signals, Hartford. The other officers of the Association are: First Vice-President, Leonard Dawson, Newtown, Mass.; Second Vice-President, M. E. Orrell, Worcester, Mass.; Secretary-Treasurer, G. H. Bowen, Boston, Mass.

It was voted by the organization to bold the annual meeting and election of officers at Hartford, Conn., on June 8-9. A vote of thanks was extended to H. N. McCathron, president of the Board of Fire Commissioners at Bridgeport, Chief Daniel E. Johnson and Supt. R. A. Brown of Bridgeport, for the many courtesies extended the members during their stay in Bridgeport. Those in attendance at the meetings were:

Frank M. Tiffany, Gamewell Company, Boston, Mass.; James Warnock, Swampscott, Mass.; E. P. Cochran, New Haven, Conn.; C. C. Church, Norwood, Mass.; I„ W. Allen, New York City; C. j. Peacock, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City; V. O’Keefe, Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company, Boston, Mass.; W. H. Greenlaw, Beverly, Mass.: F. Meuiner, East Hartford, Mass.; M. Orrell, Worcester, Mass.; George H. Bowen, Boston, Mass.; H. H. Berry, Springfield, Mass.; E. A. Sullivan, Hartford, Conn.; Frank Gillooly, Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Company, Rochester, N. Y.: A. C. Ames, Providence, R. I.; L. Dawson, Newton, Mass.; C. W. Mitchell. New York City; R. A. Glenn, Bridgeport, Conn.; W. H. Beadle. The Electric Storage Battery Company, Boston, Mass.; C. W. Murphy, Gamewell Company, Boston, Mass.; H. C. Kleinfelder, Barren Cable Company, Boston, Mass.; A. E. Cook, Meriden, Conn.; Fire Commissioner E. T. Golden, Meriden, Conn.; C. K. Ahearn, Waterbury, Conn.; E. S.

Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet in Bridgeport Reading from left to right, those standing are F. Tiffany, E. Warwick, A. Golden, F. Beattle, L. Spar, G. Bowen, F. Gillooly, E. Sullivan, H. Kleinfelder, V. O'Keefe, M. Orrell, C. C. Church, E. Benz, H. Berry, Arthur Cook, E. S. Hall and R. A. Brown. Seated, left to right, E. Corcoran, H. Thompson, W. Murphy, R. Glenn, F. Meuiner, E. Coolley, G. Peacock, G. Ames and R. Yeit.

Hall, Stratfield, Conn.; Robert Veit, Stamford, Conn.; A. L. Pierce, Wallingford, Conn.; W. D. Jennings, General Electric Company, Pittsfield, Mass.; L. Spar. Hamden. Conn.: George Cooley, New Britain, Conn. ; R. Arthur Brown. Bridgeport, Conn.

Chief Gilbert of Newman, Ga., Dead—Chief W. L. Gilbert of Newman, Ga., died recently at a local hospital following an operation. He was thirty-nine years of age and was chief of the department for ten years. Chief Gilbert leaves a wife and three children.

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