Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet

Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet

The Eastern Association of Superintendents of Fire and Police Telegraph held a two day meeting in Springfield, Mass., on March 11 and 12. President George H. Bowen, Superintendent of the Boston Automatic Fire Alarm Company, directed the sessions which were held in the Hotel Bridgeway.

The association went on record as favoring purple lights for fire alarm boxes in place of the present red lights which in some places are confused with traffic stop signals.

The speakers were William J. Mahan, President of the Eastern Section of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors; J. A. Horn, of Steel Tubes, Inc., who read a paper on “Steel Tubes for Electric Conduits”; Roscoe Kent, of the DeForest Radio Company, who spoke on “Radio in Police Signal Work”; Maurice A. Lynch, of the Kohler Company, who read a paper on “Kohler Electric Plants As Applied to Fire Department Emergency Service for Flood Lighting and for Emergency Lighting of Fire Alarm Headquarters”; and F. A. Raymond, of the Gamewell Company, who gave a demonstration of the new three-fold Gamewell fire alarm boxes.

The next meeting of the association will be held on June 10 and 11 in Portland, Me. The secretary is Timothy O’Hearn, Municipal Electrician, of Cambridge, Mass.

Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet


Fire Alarm Superintendents Meet

The December meeting of the Eastern Association of Superintendents of Fire and Police Telegraph was held at Stamford. Conn., December 10 and 11 at the Roger Smith Hotel. Business meetings were held at Fire Department Headquarters. The meeting was called to order at 11 o’clock on the morning of the first day by President George Bowen of Springfield, Mass., and the report of Secretary-Treasurer Timothy C. O’Hearn of Cambridge, Mass., was presented. Reports of the various committees were also heard.

Members of the association were welcomed to Stamford by Fire Commissioner K. W. Carter, acting for Mayor W. W. Graves who was absent from the city. Secretary O’Hearn read a paper on the use of the radio by the Detroit, Mich., Police Department, in connection with the automobile patrol system now in use in that city. A general discussion of this paper and the reports submitted earlier in the meeting followed. The members adjourned to the Davenport Hotel at 1 o’clock where luncheon was served.


The Index to Volume LXXXIII, FIRE ENGINEERING, from the January 8 to the December 24, 1930, issues, is now off the press and will be mailed to readers on request.

The afternoon session opened at 2 o’clock with a talk by J. M. L. Groby, New England Commercial Manager, and J. B. Rustic, representing the American District Telegraph Company. The subject was “Central Office Supervision and Its Ramifications.” This was followed by an address by E. W. Davis, Assistant Electrical Engineer of the Simplex Fire and Cable Company, who took for his subject: “Fire and Police Wire and Cables.” A discussion of the National Fire Prevention Association rules and the inspection by the members of the new Central Office equipment of the Stamford fire alarm system installed recently by the Gamewell Company, brought the day’s session to a close. The Round Table dinner of the association was held at 6:30 o’clock at Rich’s Restaurant on the Boston Post Road.

At 11 o’clock in the morning of the second day a talk and demonstration of the Teletype, as used in connection with fire alarm signaling, was given by D. R. Day, District Sales Manager of the Teletype Corporation. Unfinished and new business was then taken up upon completion of which the meeting adjourned.

Frank F. Veit, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, of Stamford acted as host to the association. Forty members of the organization were present. The next meeting will be held at Springfield, Mass., during March.