Fire Alarm System for Allingtown

Fire Alarm System for Allingtown

Fire Department Chiefs and officials from several cities in southern Connecticut attended the ceremonies which marked the cutting in of the new fire alarm system at Allingtown, a suburb of New Haven. A last alarm from the old siren was sounded by Chief Milderberger, followed by an official test of the new Gamewell system by Chief Lawrence E. Reif, of the New Haven Fire Department.

Cutting in the New Fire Alarm System Left to right. Chief Lawrence E. Reif, New Haven, Conn.; Superintendent of Fire Alarm, George Roy; Commissioners Ellis G. Bradley, and John Snyder.

Chief Reif highly complimented the Board of Fire Commissioners for their efforts in advancing from the old type of siren calls to the street box alarm system. Russell A. Glenn, Fire Alarm Engineer of the Gamewell Company, gave a detailed description of the new system which consists of a two-circuit rectifier switchboard, repeater, transmitter, recording equipment, compressed air plant, mutual aid signals in West Haven Fire and Police Departments and twenty-six Three-Fold fire alarm boxes of the latest type.

Among the guests present were: Chief John S. Pachl, President, New England Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Lawrence E. Reif, New Haven; Chief Lewis Stowe, Milford; Chief M. W. Lawton, oMiddletown; Chief Edward Pracney, Wolcott; Chief Harold Carey, Derby; Asst. Chief Francis Spaine, New Haven; Asst. Chief Warren Burns, Milford; Snerlon Baldwin, Supt. of Fire Alarms, Milford: William M. O’Hara, President Board of hire Commissioners. Milford; Supt. Charles Zimmer, Meriden; Supt. William Russell, West Haven; Commissioner Clifford Merwin, Shelton; Supt. George Wilson, Shelton; Commissioners John Snyder, E. G. Bradley and A. Valery of Allingtown and George Roy, Supt. of Fire Alarms, Allingtown.

Firemen of Radburn, N. J., arranged a party to mark the arrival of new fire apparatus. Refreshments were served. Children were treated to firemen’s hats and rides on the new apparatus.

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