Fire and Police Alarm Statistics.

Fire and Police Alarm Statistics.

United States Census bulletin 102, out this month, belongs to the series treating of the third census of the electrical industries of the United States for the year 1907, and it states that for sending fire alarms and police patrol signals, there were in that year in the United States 1,157 systems, using 70,812 miles of single wire, with 62,504 signaling stations, or boxes, giving 120,719 fire alarms.

Of these 1,157 systems, 48 were used interchangeably for fire alarms and police patrol purposes, 931 for fire alarms solely, and 178 for police signaling only. It is observed that most cities, whether large or small, realize the importance of quick communication with the fire department in case of fire, and the equipment reported was found to range from the simplest form in small villages to the most elaborate systems in the larger cities.

Electric fire alarm systems were in use in 1907 in all but two (Kansas City and St. Joseph. Mo.) of the 38 cities with a population of over 100,000 in 1900: in all but one, (Kansas City, Kan.) of the 40 cities with a population of from 50,000 to 100,000; in all but three (Quincy, Ill.. and Chester and Williamsport, Pa.) of the 82 cities with between 25,000 and 50,000 inhabitants: and in all but 36 of the 281 cities with from 10.000 to 25,000 inhabitants; among them being Fort Smith and Pine Bluff, Ark.; Manchester, Conn.: Cairo, 111.: Jeffersonvill, Ind.; Muscatine, la.; Atchison, Galena, Leavenworth and Lawrence, Kan.; Alpena and Ann Arbor. Mich.; Natchez, Miss.; Hannibal and Sedalia, Mo.: Millville, N. J.: Dunkirk, X. Y.; Lorain. Ohio; Beaver Falls, Butler. Columbia and Mt. Carmel. Pa.; Cranston and Warwick, R. 1.; Greenville and Spartanburg, S. C.: Denison, Laredo and Sherman, Tex., and Alexandria, Va.

hive cities—Belleville and Galesburg, 111.: Ashtabula, Ohio: Guthrie, ()kla., and Austin, Tex.—depended upon the telephone as a means of reporting fires. One system covers Bay City and West Bay City, Mich. Kokomo, lnd., was reported as then installing an up-to-date fire alarm system.

Thus 90.5 per cent, of the cities with a population of at least 10,000 in 1900 were equipped with electric fire alarm systems.

The systems devoted entirely to electric fire alarm signaling had 35,337 miles of single wire, 40,897 boxes or signaling stations, and 2,143 special telephones. During 1907 such systems reported 96,516 fire alarms. The lines used interchanegably for the two purposes had 21,897 miles of single wire and received 24,203 fire alarms.

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