Fire and Water for 1894.

Fire and Water for 1894.

FIRE AND WATER for 1894 will show an important Improvement to those interested in the business of water supply and fire protection. Our readers are aware that we are not inclined to rash promises, and they have every reason to expect that the matter to be provided for them during the next twelve months will be of an unusual character, and, as is customary with this paper, far and away in excess of any other class paper purporting to represent the interests of hydraulic and sanitary engineering and fire protection and extinction.

The water-works and sanitary departments will continue under the direction of Peter Milne, while the editorial management of fire department matters will remain with Barnard J, Fredericks. A new department, devoted to pumping engineering. will be placed in the hands of a well-known expert mechanical engineer, who is an interesting writer on the subject.

During the year new and separate editions of FIRE AND WATER will be issued exclusively for the various departments of the fire service, and these will contain only fire news, and will be of undoubted interest to firemen of every grade from the chief down.

Every water-works and fire department official should be a subscriber to FIRE AND WATER ; it is a profitable investment, returning many times its cost yearly in the value of its articles and suggestions by progressive men on practical subjects.

Negotiations that have been pending for some time are now complete, and place F. W. Shepperd in sole and exclusive possession of FIRE AND WATER.

In mapping out the plan and scope of this journal for another year, many innovations were considered, the best of which will be incorporated into its columns. The very complete and able manner in which ihe interests of the service have been conserved in the past, is the best evidence of its adherence, strictly, to the lines laid out for the future, and emphasize in the most positive manner its unapproachable position in the field of hre literature.

Still keeping the interests of our friends in view, FIRE AND WATER has been able to make a special arrangement with the publishers of the magazines and periodicals in this country, and for the benefit of old and new subscribers we are at liberty to make the following announcement.

All subscribers sending us the amount indicated below will receive any publication they may select, together with FIRE AND WATER, for one year:



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