Fire and Water Notes.

Fire and Water Notes.


CINCINNATI, O.—While repairing the Worthington pump No. 11 on Friday a frightful accident occurred. A repair gang was raising a heavy casting with ropes and blocks from a sixty foot deep well. The casting was raised on a level with the floor, and timbers were placed beneath it and resting across the opening of the well, the intention being to take it out of the building. Five men were standing upon the casting when the timbers gave way, and fell with the men to the bottom of the well, the crash being heard across the river. The injured men were at once looked after. Thos. Me Crane sustained two crushed fingers on each hand, Chas. Hughes was believed to be internally injured, P. Johnson’s, injuries were broken leg and painful injuries, James McDonnald injured about the body. Superintendent Sharp of the water-works was shocked by the accident. The same timbers had been used in moving other castings, and they were considered of sufficient strength for the purpose for which they were being used. Coroner Bange will investigate.

A conservative estimate of losses by the great flood is placed at $30,000,000, divided as follows: Missouri, $1 1,000,000 ; Tennessee, $1,900,000 ; Arkansas, $10,000,000 ; Mississippi, $10,000,000; Louisiana, $5,000,000; Kentucky, $200,000. It is estimated that the loss by flood up to June 1, ’92, is $50,000,000.

WHEELING, W. Va.—The chief of the fire department is laid up with a sprained ankle, sustained while getting out of his buggy.

LUDLOW, KY., Will take a vote to-day on issuing bonds for a supply of water. All freeholders are entitled to a vote, including females who are owners of property.

NEWPORT, Ky.—The fire committee will buy a lot to erect a new reel house.

LUDLOW, KY.An election was held last Saturday on the proposition to issue $25,000 bonds for water works purposes, this amount to be expended in laying water mains and connecting the same with the water-works system of Covington, Ky. The proposition was carried by quite a majority. The peculiar feature of the vote was that none but freeholders were allowed to vote, male and female. The ladies took an active interest in the election. Miss Mary F. Harwood, a teacher in the Tenth District school, Cincinnati ; Mrs. Dr. R. H. Crisler and Mrs. J. Wiley were the first three ladies to cast their votes. Miss Harwood, who was the first lady voter, went in enthusiastically for the water works proposition. There were 270 freeholders in town. There were 125 votes cast for and qq against ; 43 ladies voted, 27 votes being for and lb against. The water supply will be obtained from Covington at the earliest practicable moment.

WHEELING, W. VA. — A large catfish was taken from one of the water pipes in Wheeling’s city building.

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