Fire Apparatus Bids.

Fire Apparatus Bids.

The following bids for firefighting equipment were recently received at Easton, Pa.: Ahrens Fire Engine company, Cincinnati, Ohio, one-quarter size. Continental type, 5,800 lb. weight, 500 gal. per minute pumping capacity and double pump, $4,800 f. o. b., Easton. American-La France Fire Engine company, Elmira, N. Y., one-quarter size, Metropolitan engine, 5,800 lb., 500 gal. per minute, $4,750 f. o. b., Easton. Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine company, Boston, Mass., one-quarter size, 5,800 lb., 500 gal. per minute, $4,750 f. o. b., Easton. The department recommended the awarding of the contract to the Amoskeag company.

Bids for furnishing two combination chemical engines and hose wagons were then opened as follows: Reading Fire Apparatus company, $1,465 each; James Mullin. Waltham, Mass., $1,750 each. Robinson Fire Apparatus & Manufacturing company. St. Louis, Mo., $1,995 each. Globe Fire Apparatus company, Jersey City, N. J.. $1,600 each. Combination Ladder company, Providence. R. L. $1,650 each for inclosed tanks and $1,900 each for open tanks. This bid was accompanied by $150 in cash instead of a certified check. Zanesville Chemical Engine company, Zanesville. Ohio, $1,650 each. American-La France Fire Engine company, Elmira. N. Y., successors to Holloway company, of Baltimore, Md., $1,650 each. The AmericanLa France co.’s bid was recommended for acceptance.

At Pittsfield, Mass., a fire-alarm system, in which all of the departments of the works are to be connected, is to be installed at the Stanley Morningside plant and about twenty-five boxes will be used. These boxes will ring in different numbers, which will be sounded on an automatic whistle to be located on the powerhouse near Silver lake. The system will be similar to that used by the local department.

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