Fire Bids Opened.

Fire Bids Opened.

Quincy, Ill.—The council finance committee opened three bids for a steam engine, and three bids for an auto engine from the Ahrens Fire Engine Company of Cincinnati, the Robinson Fire Apparatus Company of St. Louis and the Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company of Vincennes, Ind. All the bids were considered too hitl and will be re-advertised,

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Nolf & Fellows, of Kalamazoo. were awarded the contract for the new fire station on West street, for $6,900.

PUEBLO, Colo.—A Rambler touring car was decided upon for the use of the chief.

BM.nwiNVH.LE. Mass.—Chester Tyler, of Orange was awarded contract for the new engine house.

OAKLAND Cal.—The chief was authorized to order 1,700 ft, of Paragon hose at $1.10 a foot, 1.500 ft. of Bi-Moor hose at $1.05 and 2,000 ft of American ho«e at 80 cents a foot,

NEWBURG. N. Y.—Bids were opened for $1,800 worth of new hose as follows: Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., for Red Cross brand, 90 cents a foot; the Gutta Percha and Rubber Mfg. Co., for Maltese Cross, $1.20; Baker fabric, 4 ly, $1.10; Baker, 3-ply, $1; Princeton, double jacket, 95 cents; Raven double jacket, 85 cents; Ajax single jacket, 75 cents; Republic Hose Company, 89 cents, and C. C. C Fire Hose Company, Independence, double jacket, 87 cents. The fire department committee deferred action on the bids.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Bids for fire station w>ere opened as follows:

Chas. Hoertz & Son’s bid, Option “A,” was accepted.

GULFPORT, Miss.—Following are bids received for a fire alarm system: -Gamewell Fire Alarm Co., New York, $3,500; Tennessee District Telegraph Co., $3,679.60; Tennessee District Telegraph Co., $3,454.60. For 55-foot extension ladder: Anderson Coupling & Fire Supply Co., Kansas City, Mo., $154; Anderson Coupling & Fire Supply Co., Kansas City, Mo., $89; American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N. Y., $165; American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N. Y., $100.

ANDERSON, Ind.—The board of works decided to install a Gamewell automatic storage battery for $1,475.

DUNELLEN, N. J.—The contract for uniforms for firemen was awarded the Glenock Woolen Mills, of Somerville, N, J.

MT. VERNON, N. Y.—Bids on rubber coats have been received as follows: Hodgman Rubber Company, $3.75 each; Combination Ladder Company, $4.00: Reliable Rubber Company, $46.20 a dozen; Globe Manufacturing Company, $110 for 24; Peerless Rubber Company, $4.25; S. F. Hayward, $3.60; Woodhouse Manufacturing Company, $3.90.

NORFOLK, Va.—The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company received the contract for furnishing 12 new fire alarm boxes.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.—Swatek & Parker have been awarded contract for the new central fire station.

LAWRENCE, Mass.—A. W. Lang’s bid of $25,000 for the new engine house was accepted.

JEFFERSON VOLE, Ky.—The Chicago Fire Hose Company has been awarded the contract for 1,000 feet of hose at $1 a foot.

TOPEKA. Kan.—The contract for fire escapes for 17 school building was let to the Capital Iron Works of Topeka, for $5,996. The Darian Plow Company bid $12,870.

DAYTON, OHIO.-A. M. Engel was awarded contract for the tower for the central engine house at $1,695.

REDLANDS, Cal.—The city trustees contracted with the Seagrave Company, of Columbus, O., for a combination automobile chemical engine and hose wagon.

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