Fire Bids Opened

Fire Bids Opened

Cleveland, O.—Bids for two motor tractors were opened on Oct. 28 as follows: Pullman Motor Car Co.. Model “R,” $2,750, and $3,250; Model M, $3,750. The Front Drive Motor Co., $4,200; Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., $4,600; the Scagrave Co., six-cylinder, $4,700; four-cylinder, $1,000; the Webb Co., $5,650 and $4.350; American-La France hire Engine Co., $6,000, $5,750, $5,500 and $5,250.

Morgan City, La.—Bids for 1,000 feet of 2Viinch hose were opened on the 26th of October as follows: Fabric Fire Hose Co., six bids 80 cents to $1.10; J. H. Menge & Sons, New Orleans, three bids, 70 to 90 cents; Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., five bids, 85 cents to $1.10; Ahrens & Ott Co., New Orleans, four bids, 85 cents to $1.25; Revere Rubber Co., 90 cents; Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co., three bids, 80, 85 and 90 cents and C. C. C. Fire Hose Co., four bids, 90 cents to $1.10 per foot.

East Youngstown. O.—Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. has been awarded contract for the installation of a fire alarm system at $2,110.

Logan, Mich.—Contract for furnishing a motor fire engine has been awarded to the AmericanLa France Fire Engine Co., of Elmira, N. Y., at $9,000.

Washington. D. C.—Contract for furnishing 15,000 feet 2Vi-inch cotton, rubber-lined hose has been awarded to the Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., of New York city, at $1.10 per foot.

Jerscyville, Ill.—Fire and water committee has awarded contract for furnishing 500 feet of double-jacket hose to the Diamond Rubber Co., of St. Louis, at 85c. per foot.

Atlanta, Ga.—Bids for the installation of a new police and fire alarm system have been received as follows: Okonite Cable Co., New York, $10I,OIHI; Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, of New York. $107,500; Star Electric Company, Binghamton, N. Y.

Portland, Ore. Contracts for furnishing motor apparatus have been awarded as follows: American-La France Fire Engine Company, represented by A. G. Long, one pumping engine. $9,000; one aerial truck. $12,500; six combination chemical and hose cars. $5,800 each; H. L. Keats Company, agents for Pope Hartford, two combination chemical and hose cars, at $6,000 each.

Akron, O. Bids were received by Safety Director Stein for seven pieces of motor fire apparatus. Six companies bid. They were the Amcrican-La France Fire Fhiginc Company, of Elmira, N. Y, the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, of Cincinnati, the Lange Motor Truck Company, of Pittsburgh; the Nott Fire F.ngine Company, of Minneapolis, and The Webb Company, of Allentown, Pa., and the Scagrave Company, of Columbus, O. The latter company bad the lowest bid on five pieces of the apparatus It is the same company which furnished all three ot the motor fire-fighting machines now in commission in the city. The highest bidders on the apparatus follow: Tractor, Nott Fire Engine Company, $4,250; combination truck for No. 6. The Webb Company unequipped, $5,072.5d; equipped, $5,400 ; 85-toot aerial truck, Webb Company, equipped, $11,000; unequipped, $10,509.75; combination hose wagon for No. 1, Lange Motor Truck Company. $4,152.90, unequipped. Three combination pumping engines, unequipped, $7,915.80; equipped, $8,200. The Webb Company bid $51,350 for furnishing the entire number, and the Scagrave Company bid $55,911.

Fire Bids Opened

Fire Bids Opened

Columbus, O.—Bids were opened by B. L. Bargar, director of public safety, on October 22, for furnishing one motor pumping engine and one combination chemical wagon, as follows; American-La France Fire Engine Company, Elmira, N. Y., combination wagon, $6,000, and pumping engine $9,500, or if awarded contract for both, combination wagon, $5,500, and pumping engine $9,000. The Webb Company, Allentown, Pa., combination wagon, $5,850, and pumping engine $8,875. the Seagrave Company, Columbus, O., combination wagon, $6,510 and $6,260, pumping engine $11,050.

Woonsocket, R. I.—Bids for a motor combination wagon were opened and the Council Joint Standing Committee awarded the contract to the Knox Automobile Co., of Springfield. Mass. Following were the bidders: Knox Automobile Co., Springfield, Mass.; Pope Manufacturing Co„ Hartford, Conn.; James Boyd & Brother, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.; Kelly Motor Truck Co., Springfield. Ohio; American-1. a France Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N. Y.; Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Co., St. Louis, Mo.; Combination Ladder Co., Providence, R. I., and the Seagrave Co., Columbus, O.

South Bend, Ind.—Bids for furnishing a motor fire truck were opened October 25 by the Board of Public Safety as follows: The Webb Co., St. Louis. $5,7.50 and $5,850; James Boyd & Brother, Philadelphia. Pa., $6,150 and $6,300; the Seagrave Co., Columbus, Ohio, $6,200, $6,275 and $5,680, and American-Lal’rance F’ire Engine Co.. Elmira. N. Y., $6,300 and $6,000. Contract was awarded to the American-LaFrance company at their bid of $6,000.