Fire Bill Passage Urged

Fire Bill Passage Urged

Passage of the fire prevention and control bill by the United States House of Representatives has been urged by two fire service groups so that the bill, H.R. 11989, can be sent to a House-Senate conference committee to resolve its differences with what fire service leaders regard as the highly desirable Magnuson bill passed in the Senate, S. 1769.

At its annual meeting in Memphis on March 25, the International Society of Fire Service Instructors unanimously passed a resolution previously approved by the society’s division for state directors of fireman training that called for passage of the House bill. At the same time, the directors of the International Fire Service Training Association also endorsed the resolution.

The resolution also called for a fivemember committee to be appointed “to develop the strengths and weaknesses of both S. 1769 and H.R. 11989 for the purpose of presenting such findings to the conference committee.”

The point of contention is the research responsibilities given to the National Bureau of Standards by the House bill, and the resolution urged that a paper be developed to outline “the National Bureau of Standards fire service projects and programs to date, pointing out deficiencies of the work completed under the bureau’s guidance.” The resolution also called on “other members of the Joint Council of National Fire Service Organizations to support” the ISFSI position.

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