Fire Blog Roundup: PTSD, Maydays, and SCBA Use

Fire Engineering bloggers have recently wrote about a range of issues, from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to Maydays and SCBA use. Read some of their recent posts below.

This week we’d also like to welcome aboard blogger Jonathan Brumley, whose work can also be found at

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Stephen Raclaw      

Breaking the Silence

Stephen Raclaw opens up about PTSD.
Isaac Frazier      

The Realism Approach

Are you truly preparing your crew for the “real” extrication scene? A new tip from Isaac Frazier.
Dan Miller      

The Multiple Methods of Maydays

All firefighters should master the various modes of Mayday signaling, says Dan Miller. Read Part 1 in this series.



Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Mark J. Cotter on re-assessing past performance using current knowledge.
David Topczynski      

Search Skills for the Short Staffed RIT

David Topczynski shares some thoughts on searching for a down firefighter.
Chad Menard      

Creating ‘Buy-In’ from the Company Officer Position

Chad Menard on the generation gap in the fire service.
Brian Ward      

Behavior Modification and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Establishing a standard for excellence will result in improved teamwork, camaraderie, and improved knowledge and skills for all, writes Brian Ward.
Jonathan Brumley      

Proactive Ladder Use

Aggressive interior operations need to be supported by aggressive exterior operations, writes Jonathan Brumley.
Doug Mitchell      


Doug Mitchell: If you are not intimately familiar and ultimately comfortable with using your SCBA, you cannot be a fully combat ready firefighter.
John K. Murphy      

Cop with a Law Degree Running the Fire Service

Is this the future of the leadership for the fire service? Attorney John K. Murphy asks some hard questions.

Promoting Your Fire Department on a Zero Budget

Joseph Kitchen shares 15 ways to positively promote your fire department with no additional funding.
Jonathan Brumley      

The Rookie Mentality

Hard work and whole-hearted effort are among the necessary traits to being successful, writes Jonathan Brumley.

That Won’t Work Here…

Mark J. Cotter offers his take on the “C” in the new acronym SLICE-RS.


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