Fire Blog Roundup: Learning and Mourning, Vacant Buildings, and Trust

Check out some recent posts from our featured bloggers, including Art “Chief Reason” Goodrich on firefighter line-of-duty deaths, Dave Rhodes on vacant structures, and more.

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David Rhodes      

Pretty Vacant

So what does vacant really mean, anyway? David Rhodes with the Hump Day SOS>

Common Goals, Different Paths

Firefighters are of one mind regarding our overall mission, but the devil is in the details, writes Mark J. Cotter.
David Polikoff      

Command 101

A strong command presence can overcome most issues on an emergency incident, says David Polikoff.
Art Goodrich      

Anatomy of a Firefighter

Firefighters who die in the line of duty must always be remembered. Honor them by learning from a tragic incident only after everyone involved has had their time to grieve, says Art Goodrich.
Chad Menard      

Converting the Minute-Man Load to a Cleveland Load

Check out a video from Chad Menard.
Doug Mitchell      

Past and Present

On the heels of a somber tribute at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial, Doug Mitchell reflects on sacrifice.
Billy Greenwood      

Gaining the Readership Edge

Billy Greenwood discusses the ability to take book knowledge and apply it to the real world.
Joe Pronesti      

NIOSH Review

Joe Pronesti says that line-of-duty death reports deserve a place in your everyday training.
Chris Langlois      


It’s not just about what we do, but why we do it, says Chris Langlois.
Jarrod Sergi      

We Are Old School

A new generation of “old school” firefighters is being created, writes Jarrod Sergi, and needs the help of senior firefighters to preserve our traditions.
Chad Menard      

Master the Basics

How can one become a good firefighter? What is a good firefighter? Chad Menard offers some thoughts.


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