Fire Blog Roundup: Staffing, Community Risk Reduction, and Exterior Streams

Below you’ll find a roundup of commentary pieces from our featured contributors, including Jarrod Sergi on community risk reduction, Mark Cotter on exterior streams, and more.

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Paul M. Rank

Couples to Companies: The Staffing Debate Continues…

Adequate and safe staffing is the best way for a department to provide the optimal service to our customers, writes Paul M. Rank.

Doug Mitchell

Ladders: For Us, By Us.

All members must be able to place portable ladders at the scene of the residential fire call, writes Doug Mitchell.

Brian Ward

The Power of Team Building…Inches Away

Brian Ward shares an example that illustrates the value of team building and training and understanding when to follow and when to lead.

Fight Fire with Water–Correctly

Choosing the right tool for the job must not be a result of habit, bias, or laziness, but a decision made after a careful analysis of the factors at play at each incident. Mark Cotter writes about the use of exterior streams.

Jeremy Rebok

The Power of the Fire Service

How do we get to where are are in our careers? Jeremy Rebok reflects on a recent event on fire service leadership held in Pennsylvania.

The Company Officer’s Role in Community Risk Reduction

If it’s not important to you, it won’t be important to them, writes Jarrod Sergi.

Title VII and Consent Decrees

Chiefs and firefighters attuned to the oncoming changes and needs of our future generations of firefighters will avoid many potential lawsuits and consent decrees affecting their departments, John K. Murphy writes.

David Polikoff

The Home Team

Remember, your team can hear you when you cheer them on. A new post from David Polikoff.


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