Fire Blog Roundup: Fire and EMS, Steaming Victims, and Roof Work

A recent report cast a critical eye on the Fire Department of New York’s (FDNY) integration of EMS services, and FireEMS Technical Editor Mike McEvoy took a closer look in his blog this week. Read this entry as well as some of the other blog posts you might have missed.

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Chad Menard      

Overhead Sectional (Garage) Doors

Chad Menard offers a new post on forcible entry.

FDNY EMS: Time for Big Changes?

Mike McEvoy weighs in on a recent report that calls for significant reorganization of priorities.


Jeremy Rebok      

There Is No Replacement

Jeremy Rebok: Are you doing everything in your power to be the best firefighter you can be?
Jason Hoevelmann      

Tool or No Tool?

Jason Hoevelmann asks: What are members of your first-due engine company carrying with them?
Dan Shaw      

What Do the Stats Have to Do with It?

Dan Shaw on how to turn data into tangible ideas and practices.
P.J. Norwood      

The Foundation of Your Department

P.J. Norwood discusses reviewing your standard operating procedures or guidelines.
Jonathan Brumley      

Believing the Lies

Don’t trade dedicated effort for the comforts of the dayroom, Jonathan Brumley advises.

‘Steaming Victims’

Mark J. Cotter addresses the concern about the potential for steam burns during water application on a fire.
Jarrod Sergi      

Forbidden Fruit

Jarrod Sergi: Why the dismal approach to roof work lately?
Doug Mitchell      

Nature vs. Nurture

Never forget those who inspired you on this job, writes Doug Mitchell.
Joe Pronesti      

Ask Someone

Joe Pronesti shares some advice for new chiefs.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Ground Ladders

Jason Hoevelmann discusses a basic piece of equipment that has tremendous fireground value.


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