Fire Blog Roundup: New Officers, Bringing the Water, and Giving Thanks

Take a moment to check out some of the recent commentaries you might have missed in the Fire Engineering Training Community, such as Billy Greenwood’s discussion of how recent NFL referee woes compare to the plight of the new officer, Dan Shaw on the engine company’s mission, and Mark Cotter on rescue and SLICE-RS.

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Jason Hoevelmann      

Winter Ops Checklist

Jason Hoevelmann provides an outline his company used for a quick winter operations class.
Billy Greenwood      

‘Field Experience’

Without officer development or a mentor program, the transition of a firefighter to a newly promoted officer can be rough, Billy Greenwood writes.
Grant Schwalbe      

Searching Tenable Space

Grant Schwalbe on closing the door, tenable space, and rescue.
Dave McGlynn      

Being Thankful

Dave McGlynn takes a moment to reflect on his blessings.
Chris Langlois      

Trust, Part 2

Trust is the quality that makes leadership possible, says Chris Langlois.
Dan Shaw      

‘We Bring Water’

Dan Shaw: The engine’s job has not changed, but the environment we operate in, the enemy we face, and the obstacles we must overcome are always changing.
Nick Martin      

‘Light Smoking’

Nick Martin reviews actions seen at a box alarm response for this type of report. What are your habits?

The Rescue Imperative

Does SLICE-RS neglect rescue and overemphasize firefighter safety? Mark J. Cotter argues otherwise.
Jarrod Sergi      

The Small Things

Jarrod Sergi on ways for people to feel and express a sense of pride and belonging to a unit and an organization.
Jeremy Hurd      

Thanks for Your Service

Alyssa Hurd, Jeremy’s daughter, guest blogs on how families can help encourage their firefighters.
John K. Murphy      

Progressive Discipline

John K. Murphy comments on progressive discipline and potential age discrimination.


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