Fire Blog Roundup: The Nozzle Firefighter, Depression, and Dynamic Fire Events

Fire Engineering is fortunate to be able to feature some of the most engaged writers in the fire service, and that goes for our blogging network, as well. Below you’ll find a roundup of some of our recent commentaries. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to more in 2016.

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Mike Horist      

A Different Kind of Christmas Story

The holiday season can mean a greater danger to life safety. Mike Horist on what to be aware of.
Dan Kerrigan      

Commit to Your Health in 2016

Dan Kerrigan: Where you stand in terms of your personal health and fitness?
Lou Comenale      

Buildings: Battleground or Enemy?

Which is it? Lou Comenale on firefighters’ duty to know building construction.

Hostile Fire Events

Mark J. Cotter has some reasons for the research.
John K. Murphy      

Constructive Discharge

John K. Murphy addresses the apparent trend of fire departments forcing older firefighters out.
Frank Viscuso      

‘It’s Lonely at the Top’

Only if you’re doing it wrong, says Frank Viscuso.
Doug Mitchell      

The Nob, The Pipe, The Tip, The Nozzle

Doug Mitchell reviews some of the challenges the nozzle firefighter must overcome.

Are You a Coachable Firefighter?

Don’t take feedback personally, writes Joseph Kitchen.
Jarrod Sergi      

No More ‘I’s in the Gallery

Want to see where firefighters stand when it comes to cohesion and the mission? Jarrod Sergi has a tip.
Brian Bastinelli      

Integrity and the Cultural Decline

Various trends are rewiring us to act without considering the potential consequences, Brian Bastinelli writes.
Dave McGlynn      

The Unmentionable Sickness

Dave McGlynn reflects on firefighters and depression.
Samuel Villani      

Fireground Troubleshooting

Samuel Villani has a new blog in his multi-part series on the use and maintenance of the fire service portable radio.
Ron Kanterman      

Setting the Tone

When you set the tone, the rest of group should be following that lead. Ron Kanterman on how to tune up the band at the firehouse.

Construction: What’s Typical in Your Area?

Zach Schleiffer on knowing your district.
Dan Kerrigan      

From Firefighter to Fire Chief: Hard Truths Everyone Needs to Know

There’s a serious problem in the fire service when it comes to health and wellness, writes Dan Kerrigan.


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