Fire Blog Roundup 2-20-15: Drills and Leadership in the Fishbowl

By Derek Rosenfeld

In addition to commentaries on the fire service, several of our bloggers this week had leadership and fireground preparation on the mind as well as more technical pieces on the first-due engine, EAPs, extrication, and more.

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Jason Hoevelmann      

Drill for First Due

Jason Hoevelmann shares a drill from David Konys on identifying fireground roles when you’re short staffed.
The Deep Cut      

Preparing for the “Pin”

Are you prepared for what awaits you on the modern extrication scene? Read a new one from Isaac Frazier.

The Exponential Engine

Brian Brush has a way to simplify and maximize the effectiveness of your first-due engine actions.

Stressing Out?

Jarrod Sergi reviews some drills for stress inoculation.

Vent-Limited Teams

Well-vented fires and a well-vented team equals show time, Warren Cersley writes.

Why Are You a Firefighter?

David Rhodes with the Hump Day SOS.

A Little Sunday Gospel

Don’t get tired of doing the right thing, writes William Knight.



Fifty Shades of Fire Service Leadership

Ok, there are probably not fifty shades of leadership but there are many shades worthy of some commentary, writes John K. Murphy.

Leading from Inside the Fishbowl

You can take a look at those fire service leaders who are managing their organizations through mediocrity or failure, simply by not allowing others to have their voices or opinions heard, writes Jeremy Rebok

Frank Ricci      

Employee Assistance Programs: More Than Just a Buzzword

Editor in Chief Bobby Halton and FireRescue Editor in Chief Erich Roden talk to Frank Ricci, P.J. Norwood, and Jim Rascati about employee assistance programs (EAP) and mental health issues.




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