Fire Blog Roundup: Urban Tactics, Hoseline Placement, and Primary Search

Among this week’s blogs, Jim Silvernail offered his thoughts in response to our recent Urban Firefighter hangout on the universality of tactics derived from firefighting in the urban environment. Mark Cotter also offers his take on hoseline placement to protect egress, and Grant Schwalbe discussed how terms used to describe conditions can impact the mindset of arriving companies.

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The Value of Networking

Spending time with our fellow firefighters is one of the best parts of the job, writes Joseph Kitchen.

A Review with the Troops

A great way for young leaders to become great leaders and to improve performance is to conduct frequent reviews, Warren Cersley writes.

Isaac Frazier      

The Third Door

Isaac Frazier on a method of conversion to gain access to rear occupants of a two-door vehicle.

Protecting Egress

In this commentary, Mark Cotter offers another reconsideration of firefighting dogma based on the new understanding of fire dynamics, in this case hoseline placement.
Joe Pronesti      

A Legacy Tip That Could Save the Modern Company

Joe Pronesti on basement or cellar fires.
Doug Mitchell      

Single…or Am I?

Doug Mitchell discusses converted dwellings.
Jim Silvernail      

Are Tactics a One Size Fits All?

Are the tactics used and developed in urban departments universal? Jim Silvernail offers his take.

Dave McGlynn      

Life Happened

Dave McGlynn on joining the fire service and life experience.
Grant Schwalbe      

Words Matter

Grant Schwalbe on aggressive primary search and how terms on the fireground can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.
John K. Murphy      

For Cause Drug Testing

John K. Murphy has the legal angle on drug testing in the fire service.
Jonathan Brumley      

Eddie Would Go

Eddie Aikau was the first official lifeguard at Waimea Bay on Oahu’s north shore. Jonathan Brumley looks to him as a model of dedicated service.
The First Twenty      

PPE for Your Mind

For The First Twenty, Rob Martin writes about dealing with mental stress on the job.


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