Fire Blog Roundup: Quality Training, Smarter Firefighting, and the Courage to Disobey

David Rhodes, battalion chief with the Atlanta (GA) Fire Department, executive advisory board member for FDIC, and chief elder for the Georgia Smoke Diver Program, has been consistently probing the virtues and foibles of the American fire service in his recurring meme series, “The Humpday SOS.” This week’s installment, which you can find below, has to do with providing quality training and experience for the new firefighter. You can catch all of Chief Rhodes’s commentaries on his blog HERE, and follow him on Facebook at

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Ron Kanterman      

Intellectual Interior Attack

Ron Kanterman on smarter, more deliberate firefighting.

David Rhodes      

Instructor-Driven Fires

David Rhodes returns with the Hump Day SOS.

Frank Ricci      

Don’t Turn a Rescue Into a Recovery!

A safety message from Frank Ricci.

Mark vonAppen      


A big part of what it means to lead is having the courage to disobey, Mark vonAppen writes.


Brian Bastinelli      

General McAuliffe And the Siege Of Bastogne

Brian Bastinelli on this wartime story and how it applies to the fire service.

Art Goodrich      

Don’t Be Stupid with Your Smart Phone

Art Goodrich on some of the ironies about cell phone use in the fire service.


Dan Kerrigan      

Avoiding Firefighter Health and Wellness?

Dan Kerrigan asks: is there any valid reason to not take health and wellness seriously?

Becki White      

Smoke Alarms: Do They Wake Children?

Becki White reviews this important topic.


Mayday Training

Ricky Riley on learning from the case of Lancaster (PA) Lt. Andre Kelley.

Jeremy Rebok      

Today’s Company Officer

Jeremy Rebok on ensuring proficient execution of the plays from the company playbook.

Dan Shaw      

Building Your 2,000-Year-Old Mind

Where do you start with building firefighting knowledge? Dan Shaw with the Sunday Preach.


Cesspool of Leadership

Warren Cersley with some sad stories on how not to lead.


The Tactical Driver/Engineer

Just because you are now responsible for driving the rig doesn’t mean your job has gotten easier, Chad Menard says.
Chris Willis      

Volunteer Training Soapbox

Chris Willis talks about overcoming obstacles to training.


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