Fire Blog Roundup: Testing Your Limits, Fire Ops Pics, and Preventing RIT

Firefighters train to handle anything that gets thrown at them, but every individual and company has limitations. Identifying those limitations is another thing altogether, and it’s the subject of a blog this week by regular Jeremy Rebok. He proposes a few drills you can use to help determine the limitations of your team.

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Brian Bastinelli      

1/250th of a Second

The average photograph is made in about 1/250th of a second. Brian Bastinelli on the dangers of trying to divine the entirety of a situation from a single moment captured in time.
Jeremy Rebok      

Knowing Your Limitations

Jeremy Rebok on how training and guidelines will hone your skills.

David Rhodes      

Prevent RIT

David Rhodes brings you the Hump Day SOS.

Jason Hoevelmann      

Four Simple Rules for the Company Officer

Jason Hoevelmann offers a list.

Brian Brush      

Attack Over Supply

Don’t be fooled by the heavy “work” terminology–it’s more about technique than power. Brian Brush discusses making the advance of the attack line more efficient.

Dan Shaw      


Dan Shaw applies an old CPR sequence to our search tactics, starting with the why and what we are looking for.


Traits of a Good Fire Instructor

Chad Menard shares his list of desirable attributes.


Chris Langlois      

Is WHAT You’re Doing Becoming More Important Than WHY You Do It?

It’s never about things, says Chris Langlois. It’s always about people.


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