Fire Blog Roundup: Anger and Research, Rural vs. Urban Tactics, and Failure

As is often the case, recent UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute studies factored into several blogs on the Fire Engineering site, including posts by Mark Cotter, O.J. Kolodziej, and Brian Kazmierzak, as well as the recent “Keeping Fire in Your Life” radio show with Ray McCormack. Check out these posts and others below, and read our other bloggers at or respond at

Dan Kerrigan      

The Fire Service Circle of Life

None of us in the fire service will ever reach our full potential alone. Dan Kerrigan has a commentary on the past, present, and future of the fire service.
Chad Menard      

Combating Fires in Waterfront Properties

Chad Menard looks at residential structure fires on the river and what challenges you may face when up against these fires.
Samuel Villani      

The Portable Radio Battery

Samuel Villani on minimizing issues with the low-battery reminder on your portable radio.
Doug Mitchell      

Shaving Seconds!

Seconds can save lives when it comes to firefighting, writes Doug Mitchell.
Brian Kazmierzak      

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Do you truly understand all the tools in your tactical toolbox? A new commentary from Brian Kazmierzak.
Chris Willis      

The Rural vs. Urban Debate

Can urban firefighters call out rural fire tactics, and vice versa? Chris Willis has a commentary.


The Man in the Box

What relationships are being fostered between old and the new department members to get them together and talk shop? A new blog on leadership and learning from Warren Cersley.

OJ Kolodziej      

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

UL-FRSI researchers are simply looking at some very old tactics and trying to gather evidence on their effectiveness, writes O.J. Kolodziej.
David Rhodes      

You Are What You Practice

Learning through failure can lead to success, writes David Rhodes.

With All Due Respect

Mark Cotter argues that newer methods can save more and injure less.
Dan Shaw      

Time to Move On

What happens when Plan A doesn’t work? Read The Sunday Preach from Dan Shaw. 


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